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    change novo 7 paladin battery

    Hi All, please teach me how to change the novo 7 paladin battery. I recently bought the novo 7 paladin and it fails to power up. Sad. I believe that changing the battery will help.

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    1. Buy new battery
    2. Open the device
    3. Replace battery
    4. Test
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    Where to buy cheap and reliable Novo 7 Paladin battery? I only can find the below:

    Ainol NOVO7 Paladin/Advanced Edition Tablet Built-in Lithium Battery Replacement | eBay

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    That looks like the one. Buy it from eBay.

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    First, you should make sure it's not just frozen; press the reset button just in case.

    There's also a possibility that your charger/cable are simply bad and it was not charging. You can always try just about any other 5V power supply with a USB connection to make sure.

    Since it otherwise, seems to be completely dead, and I'm guessing you have at least moderate electronics skills, you can open the Paladin and cut the battery wires (which you have to do anyway for replacing it) and then connect a 5V regulated DC supply directly to it. (Disconnect any USB chargers, if present.)

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