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    Upgrade to Ainol official paladin ICS 4.0.3 rom, which comes with all the original default apps. Plus the new Touchpal swipe input. This alone is worth upgrading for.

    official download link (redirect from www.ainol.com)

    1) http://115.com/file/belfb8me#
    2) see the green, blue, red, white boxes? click the white box.
    3) click the last white box

    extract file to reveal update.zip

    make sure or format your microsd card to FAT32. NTFS will NOT work.

    copy update.zip to microsd card.

    insert microsd card into switched-off paladin.

    switch on paladin and hold volume key + and power button until upgrade process starts.

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    you can download the oficial update 4.0.3 firmware update here


    english site , good speed.

    direct link http://www.ainovo.com/paladin0221/update.zip

    for basic7 ISC 4.0.3 here http://www.ainovo.com/support.html
    direct link http://www.ainovo.com/basic0221/update.zip
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